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ForexLatitude EA #1 Winning Probability trader for professional traders! 100% Automated Trading! Trade and backtest your own latitude line strategies. Do you want to trade every 20 pips, 30 pips, 50 pips, or even 100 pips moves? Do you want to know exactly where the robot will enter and exit? This robot is packed with features such as: Round number trading, Take Profit, Stop loss, Stealth stop loss and take profit, Trailing stop loss, Martingale, Trading Days and hours, and of course set your own trading lines. Use Martingale whenever you lose a trade to double the lot until you exist with profit.

ForexLatitude EA

One thing is certain: you won't find a robot like this! ForexLatitude EA (Expert Advisor) is 100% automated, flexible, and customizable because as professional traders we always come up with new trading strategies that we want to explore in the ever-changing forex market. This robot will allow you to trade live and also backtest your strategies. You set your latitude lines. What do you want the space to be between the lines? 20 pips? 30 pips? For example, You set it to 30 pips. You set your stop loss to 30 pips and your take profit to 30 pips. You set Stealth SP/TP so it exits exactly when it hits the lines. Stealth follows the spread price and when the bid price hits the line it will exit the trade. When it moves up and hits the first top line it will enter a buy trade. If it moves down and hits the bottom line it will exit the buy trade and enter a sell trade. You can set hours and days you want to trade.



-Magic number
-Set latitude line (horizontal trading lines)
-Round number exits: Exit when the bid price hits the round number line
-Starting lot size
-Trading hours
-Martingale (if first trade with 1 lot was loss, you enter next with 2 lot, then 4 lot, or whatever you decide)
-Stop trading any day of week
-Stop trading Martingale any day of week
-Stop New Trades but Continue Martingale until trade exits in profit
-Stop trading Friday specific time

  false/true Martingale  

-set true to buy higher lots if there's a loss or profit
-set if you want Martingale to work only if there's a loss
-set if you want Martingale to work only if there's a profit
-select days from Monday through Friday

  Trade Days and Hours  

-You can turn off trading any day of week
-Stop Friday trading
-Continue Martingale until trade ends in profit
-Continue Martingale until trade ends in loss

  Latitude Lines  

-Set exactly where you want to buy and sell
-Latitude line can be set to any distance
-EA will buy/sell on the lines or close to them depending on broker pricing and spreads
-Exit trades exactly on the horizontal lines using the Round Number feature

  Cross Over 2 Moving Averages  

-Fast moving average crossing the slow moving averages creates a new trend.
-Fast moving average above the slow moving average is BUY trend.
-Fast moving average below the slow moving average is Sell trend.
-Buy when bid price above both moving averages.
-Sell when bid price below both moving averages.
-when two moving averages cross you will buy or sell in the direction of trend when it hits your line
-You can customize the moving averages to whatever you want

  Reversal with moving averages  

-If it's a down trend it will keep selling on the line as long as the price is below the slowest moving average
-So if it sold at 1.2330 and exits at will sell at 1.2360 to go down as long as it's below the slow moving average.

  Exit Strategies  

-Take Profit
-Stop Loss
-Break Even
-Stealth Take Profit (execute exactly on the Bid line)
-Stealth Stop Loss (execute exactly on the Bid line)

 Access to Highly Profitable Strategies 

-Our favorite latitude trading lines only available to insiders


We are constantly improving our robots thanks to your imputs. Let us know what improvements you want to see and we will make them. If you own the product you can requested latest version 100% free. You can request free updated versions. One License per account is issued. If you wish to use on more than one account you will have to purchase robot for each additional account.

Endless trading possibilities!

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